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Larrett, Inc. is guided by an established ES&H program based on compliance with regulatory requirements and conformance with industry standards and company policies. The program supports the company effort to eliminate injuries, illnesses, damage to property and equipment, and to protect the environment when affected by company work.


Our goal is to accomplish the work in a manner consistent with good work practices while providing a safe working environment for our team members, contractors, subcontractors, and client personnel.

While the ultimate success of our program depends on individual participation, management is charged with the responsibility to plan safety into daily work activities to ensure requirements, standards, and policies are implemented. It is our belief that safety should be managed like any other aspect of our business, utilizing the following principles:

– Management is responsible to provide a safe work environment.

– All injuries, illnesses, and incidents are preventable.

-Working safely is a condition of employment and all employees must comply with the safety policies.

Although achieving an outstanding record in safety, we continue to stress the benefits of an excellent safety program while striving for improvement. No task is so important or so urgent that we can’t take the time to do it safely. “Safety first” is not just a motto; it’s the way Larrett Inc. does business.

3 Year Experience Modifier Rate (EMR)

2016-17- .63

2015-16- .64

2014-15- .69

Larrett, Inc. continues to evaluate and evolve our safety program by implementing and updating guidelines that we feel will supplement our great program.

Current highlights include:

– OSHA 30-hour for all field management personnel

– OSHA 10-hour for all field personnel

– Engineered Trench Safety programs for all excavations

– Daily Job Hazard Analysis meetings

– Weekly Toolbox Talks

– Daily assessments by Larrett’s management team